The Black Label Product

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Size: 1 oz./ 30 mL

For All Hair Types: Straight, Curly, Coily

For all Hair Textures: Fine, Medium, and Thick

The Black Label Product is a Beard Oil hand crafted with 8 all-natural oils, such as Olive Oil, Tea Tree, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, and more. This oil was carefully crafted to penetrate your beard hair follicles, to grow, moisturize, soften, and strengthen your hair. The Black Label Product can also be used on the hair on your head. It is suggested to apply 3-5 drops or a generous amount of oil to your beard twice a day for maximum results!


Place the dropper on your face, applying 3-5 drops into beard or hair and massage in. For area’s where you have no or less hair, massage oil into skin for 3-5 minutes allowing time for the natural benefits and vitamins to be absorbed into your skin. After applying and massaging oil into hair then comb or brush hair. The Black Label Product can be applied after haircuts or lineups, this can also be used for Hot Oil Treatments. This oil can be applied once a day on children ages 4 and older.

Disclaimer: Please test oil before using it! If you have any allergic reactions to the product please call 911 and seek help. For external use only, keep away from eyes and children. Please send all inquiries to the Jasminum Haircare customer service email address. 

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